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All About Our Business

Big Enough. Small Enough.

We are a versatile team of experienced qualified professional accountants providing unparalleled personalized services to a broad range of clients.
We are upfront and honest in our approach upholding a significant level of ethical & moral standards building the trust and respect we consider indispensable in building and maintaining robust business relationships.
We take advantage of our flexibility and adaptability in providing our clients with the depth of experience, expertise and innovation to effectively navigate complex and challenging issues while maintaining a direct, sincere client relationship-based philosophy.
From bookkeeping to auditing and from tax planning to business consulting, we apply our expansive knowledge and expertise laterally, applying current technology and keeping you up to date with industry developments, working diligently by apprehending your business, feeling your needs, no matter how complex, and delivering solid results.
Whether you require assistance at the corporate or personal level, we are ready and able to serve as your accounting/financial advisors, auditors or tax planners and guide you along your path to growth and success.

Our Mission

Accountable. Accessible. Accurate.

The philosophy underlining our approach lies in establishing genuine business relationships by providing accurate assurance, advisory and consulting services tailored to your own specific requirements and objectives. We are committed to do so by performing our services hands on with integrity, being accessible and accountable at all times.


Our Vision

A New Business of Possibilities

We envisage TST AUDIT standing out for its professional conduct being respected as a trusted advisor by its clients and business partners.

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